400 Exeter Rd.
Corinna, Maine

Our Story...

McKenney Machine & Tool Company began operating in 1980, in a garage at my home. It started as a one-man shop, doing sub-contract work from larger shops, as well as local repair jobs from farmers, woods contractors, and textile mills.

In 1984, the need for more floor space caused us to build a new building. This allowed us to purchase more machinery and offer a wider range of services to customer. At this time, we employed two to four people, depending on business volume.

A giant step was taken in 1987 when we purchased our first CNC (Computer numerical Control) machine. This brought us into the modern age with state of art equipment.

As time went on, we continued to add CNC equipment and built four more buildings. This gave us a total of 21,000 square feet of floor space.

Throughout the 40 years of continual operation, we have weathered numerous economic down-turns, as well as increases in business with the broadening of our customer base.

Today I am happy to say that business is going well with 30 full-time employees, many having been with us for 25 plus years.